出租物业业主, having a trustworthy and experienced property manager at their side is often one of their most valued assets – especially for out-of-state investors.

能接触到有实战经验的人, 谁24小时接电话, and who understands the importance of both tenant retention and protecting your investment can help make the entire experience successful.

与 几乎有一半 居住在出租房屋里的市民, 柯林斯堡 is an excellent choice for investors looking for their first (or next) investment property.

然而,这些服务当然不是免费的. 除非你是一个DIY房东,费用是你的时间, 物业经理都是有价签的. 价格可能会根据位置和房产类型而变化.

As an investor, you may be wondering, “how much do property managers cost in 柯林斯堡?“有几种不同类型的费用需要注意, 我们来复习一下它们的意思, 以及我们提供的不同套餐, and any additional factors that property managers take into consideration when setting their management fees.


对于大多数亚洲博彩平台排名公司来说, there is a separate leasing fee that is charged on top of the regular property management fee. 一般来说,你可以拿到第一个月房租的一定比例.

柯林斯堡的一些物业经理有分级订阅, 租赁费在哪里有折扣. This is calculated separately because it is outside of the day-to-day management tasks, typically only happens once per year (or much longer if the tenant stays long-term), 一些业主可能只想要租赁服务, 反之亦然.

另一方面, some property management companies may not offer marketing and leasing services at all, so it’s best to double-check with any given company if that’s something you know you want for your property.

平对. 亚洲博彩平台排名费百分比

The fee structure for property management comes in two forms: percentage or a flat-fee.

A percentage is taken out of the owner’s rental income and is determined entirely by the rent rate, 而固定收费是不变的.

物业经理使用哪一种可能取决于情况,有时他们两种都提供. 如果是这种情况,那么这通常意味着:

  • 哪个高的就用哪个. For example, maybe a company offers a percentage fee of 10% as well as a flat-fee option. 只有在超过固定费用的情况下才会使用百分比费用.

  • The management team has a tier-structured system that either uses a percentage or a flat-fee depending on factors such as the amount of properties an owner has and the amount of services that are included in that tier.


Depending on the company, there may be fees associated with maintenance and repairs.

The property manager will handle all coordination with the contractor making the repairs while also keeping you informed, 这需要时间和精力.


在某些情况下, PMs will have in-house maintenance and that additional up-charge fee will be waived. 然而, there may still be a percentage markup on the materials purchased and an hourly rate for repairs.



如果你的租客的租约到期了,他们想续约, 柯林斯堡 property managers will usually charge a fee to coordinate that renewal.

然而, 不像以租金为基础的租赁费用, 租期续订费通常是固定费率. 金额将完全取决于公司.

虽然大多数都收取费用,但也有免除费用的情况. 这通常与升级包有关.


Some 柯林斯堡 property managers will charge an onboarding fee for new owners and properties.


  • 业主费

  • 单位费用

  • 复制费(钥匙、文件等).)

Some PMs will either waive the fee entirely or only charge one fee for both the owner and the tenant, 但最好还是问问那家公司,看看他们的入职费是多少.


While the leasing and pre-screening processes exist to hopefully prevent an eviction, 有时候,这是不可避免的. 如果租户停止支付租金, 对财产造成损害的, 或者经常违反租赁协议, 你可能别无选择了.

Some property managers offer an eviction policy where they handle all of the proceedings. 在某些情况下, 他们可能不会收取驱逐费, 但这通常只包括在升级计划中.

Note that Colorado property managers will usually include a charge-up fee for evictions.


例行检查是维护的关键部分. 定期检查以确保安全守则是最新的, 维修问题不及时处理,会对财产造成更大的损害, 而且房客都遵守了租赁协议.

然而,这些检查往往是有代价的,这取决于计划. 一些升级的计划可能包括免费的例行检查, 如果这对你很重要, 提交前仔细检查.


For many PM companies, ending your contract early can mean contract termination fees.

一些公司, 像Evernest, 例如, 有100%的幸福保证吗, 你可以在任何时候以零成本取消.

然而, if the 柯林斯堡 property management company you choose does not come with a guarantee, 那么你很可能会受到处罚.


鉴于有许多不同类型的房产可供出租, there are a few additional factors that can impact what the pricing may look like for you and your specific unit(s):


你所拥有的房产类型在管理费上有很大的不同. If you have a multifamily property 例如, then you will most likely see very different pricing. 在这些情况下,成本可能是按单位计算的.


如果你拥有更大的房产,基本上就有更多的东西需要管理. 这意味着有更多的物品需要修理,更多的财产需要照顾、检查等.,租金也更高. 对于基于百分比的定价模式,这可能会自动提高成本.


如果你的房产状况不佳,聘请物业经理的费用可能会更高, 因为它需要更多的工作来准备租金. It will also likely have more maintenance issues compared to a newly-built or renovated model.


Along with size, the neighborhood class that your property falls in will help determine rental rate.



市场竞争在决定亚洲博彩平台排名公司的收费方面发挥着重要作用. If there’s more competition, PMs will often lower rates in order to attract more clients.


At the end of the day, the extent of services will play the largest role in how much you pay. 如果您只需要租赁服务, 这将比一个全职的物业经理的驱逐计划花费少得多, 主动维护, 等.



从收费的种类来看, 包层, and plenty of optional services to choose from; we understand that there’s a lot to consider when choosing a property management company.

We’re here to help you put the ‘passive’ 回来 in ‘passive income’ and really allow your investment to do what you intended, 没有日常维护和与租户协调的麻烦.

如果您想了解更多信息或准备与我们的柯林斯堡团队联系, 请务必亚洲博彩平台排名或看看我们的 柯林斯堡定价页面.